10/5(木)JAPAN LIVE(メキシコ)中止のお知らせ

10/5(木)JAPAN LIVE(メキシコ)中止のお知らせ
10/5(木)にMexico CityのSALA Coronaで開催予定でした「JAPAN LIVE」(VAMPS×土屋アンナ×MONORAL)は9月19日に発生しました大地震の影響により中止となりました。
Due to the events that occurred in Mexico City we have to announce that JAPAN LIVE 2nd Edition (VAMPS x ANNA TSUCHIYA x MONORAL) is officially CANCELED as well as hundreds of shows scheduled on these same dates in Mexico City.
We know how important this show is for everyone (for us as much as the fans) but the safety and life of everyone (fans, artists and promoters) is more important than any show.
Starting October 1, 2017 you can request a refund for purchased tickets through the same purchase channel.
Thank you very much for your understanding.