出身 : 東京都
Birth : 3.11
血液型 : A

ミュージシャンとしては、2002年にロックバンド「Spin Aqua」のヴォーカルとしてデビュー。
2005年「Taste My Beat」でソロデビュー。
これまでに「SUMMER SONIC」に4回出演を果たす一方で、フランス/アメリカ/アジア各国でのフェス出演やワンマンライブ、世界43カ国でのCDリリースなど、ワールドワイドな活動を展開。
2011年には「安室奈美恵 feat.AI&土屋アンナ」名義によるコラボレーションシングル「Wonder Woman」をリリース。「MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN」でのライブパフォーマンスは世界6億世帯に生中継された。
2012年には名だたるアーティストとのコラボアルバム「12 FLAVER SONGS」をリリース。(コラボアーティスト:難波章浩(Hi -STANDARD)、布袋寅泰、AI、MONKEY MAJIK等)
2014年には、地上波ドラマ初出演(TBS系 日曜劇場「S -最後の警官-」)、またミュージシャンとしては、自身のバースデーでもある3/11にミニアルバム「Sugar Palm」をリリース、そしてライブ「アンプラグドツアー2013 extra 「Recollections for 30 years」」(3/11 ブルーノート東京、3/13 ビルボードライブ大阪)を行うなど、精力的に活動を行っている。


Home town : Tokyo/Date of Birth : 3.11/Blood type : A

Anna Tsuchiya is a multi­talented artist who plays an active role as a musician, model and actress.

Debuting as a model in 1998, she gained enormous popularity among young people. In 2004, she appeared in the movie "Kamikaze Girls," winning 8 awards including the Japan Academy Prize for new artist, the outstanding performance by an actress in a supporting role and the Blue Ribbon Awards for Best New Artist.

As a musician, she debuted as the vocalist of the rock band Spin Aqua in 2002. She later debuted as a solo artist with the album “Taste My Beat” in 2005. In 2006, her voice was featured in the singing cast of the Nippon TV animation “NANA.”

In 2011, Tsuchiya released the collaboration single, "Wonder Woman" by Namie Amuro feat. AI & Anna Tsuchiya. Their performance at the "MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN" was broadcasted live to 6 hundred million households around the world.

In 2014, she appeared in a major network drama, TBS’s "S ­Saigo no Keikan," for the first time. She continues to maintain energetic activities such as holding live shows at Blue Note in Japan and performing live in France and Taiwan.

Tsuchiya has performed at "SUMMER SONIC" four times so far. She also has deployed her energy towards activities that will target fans around the world including performing at music festivals and holding shows with no supporting acts in France, the US and many Asian countries while releasing CDs in 43 nations in world.

In 2015, she will be releasing records and holding live shows to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her solo debut. Additionally, she will be acting in "GONIN SAGA," a movie directed by Takashi Ishii.